Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to See in Black-and-White

a great read from one of my favorite photography-related blogs.

"Color, in many ways, is the essence of life. Our eyes and brains are built to see it. Brand identities are built on it. And so are our personal fashion sensibilities (there weren’t a lot of goth kids at my high school wearing pink). Folklore based on color can be traced back thousands of years. Nian, for example, the Chinese beast who attacks people and has a particularly insatiable appetite for children, is said to fear the color red.

So when setting out to “see in black-and-white” you can imagine there will be some evolutionary challenges to overcome. But before we tackle these challenges, a disclaimer: the journey and tips I’m about to tell you are my own. Your journey will differ, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the challenge of seeing things differently and don’t sweat the results too much. Seeing in black-and-white and reacting to it instinctively à la Ansel Adams is something that requires a lifetime of practice, and though I’ve been doing it for years, mastery still eludes me..."

for the full feature head over to Casual Photophile.

source: Casual Photophile

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