Tuesday, January 18, 2011

welcome back...

hey folks. already back in town for a week, i finally found some spare
time to post some pics of my recent trip to Hong Kong. i am still so
impressed, this town is truly unbelievable.

view from our office, located in Kowloon

building a dragon

downtown Causeway Bay

air condition galore

Times Square, HKs first vertical shopping mall with unbelievable
83,700 m² of retail space

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

touched HK ground...

there we are. landed safely after an eleven hour flight with a short
stop-over in Frankfurt. i even got a bit of a snooze on the flight.
weather is nice, about 17 degrees, just a bit hazy. had our first
appointment today, things started easy. now it's time to check the
bed, oh wait, what's up in the tv?
more in the next days, including some pics.

Monday, January 03, 2011

...is off to Hong Kong

happy new year folks! i hope all of you had a great start into 2011. my year begins
pretty amazing cause i'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow. not for holidays, it's a business
trip, anyway i'm really psyched, because this is my first trip to Far East and my first trip
to Hong Kong. hopefully i'll find some time to post one or two things about this.
see you soon...

pic source: Hong Kong Tourism Board