Friday, October 28, 2016

Yosemite Camera Strap

if you're looking for something different than the usual leather straps, check out the Yosemite Camera Strap from Extended Photographic Material. constructed from japan-made climbing rope and leather from the US, these offer a nice and sturdy alternative for you camera. they're available in an array of colors over at EPM's web store.

pic source: Extended Photographic Material

A Stranger Things Christmas

are you in the mood for christmas already?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

latest pickups...
New Mac Candle

be honest, you do give your new Mac or iPhone a good sniff, don't you? now you don't have to buy a new Apple product everytime you want to re-experience the unboxing. i'm not sure if this is just part of the manufacturing and packaging, but i think that it's all part of the planned product experience (new car smell anyone?). the candle is hand poured in the USA from 100% soy wax and has an estimated burn time of 45-55 hours. the first batch was sold out instantly, now it's available again from Twelve South.

pic source: Twelve South

BEAMS x POPEYE x Engineered Garments Coach Jacket

as part of the 40th anniversary of both BEAMS and POPEYE magazine, Engineered Garments releases a special coach jacket. with its woolen lining and PrimaLoft® padding, it's perfect for the upcoming fall season. unfortunately it is exclusively available from BEAMS online or instore.

pic source: BEAMS

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Real McCoy's Union Stitch

Junya Watanabe
One of Fashion’s Foremost Thinkers

"The fashion designer Junya Watanabe uses the word monozukuri a lot when discussing his work. “I think it’s very specific to Japanese culture,” says Watanabe’s American-­born assistant and longtime interpreter, Ikuko Ichihashi. “You could translate it to craftsmanship, but it’s more than that. It has more depth. It’s more about the design aspect, the aesthetics. How do you create something?”

The word “craftsmanship” references the person behind the craft. By contrast, “monozukuri” is formed from the words “mono” (thing) and “zukuri” (to make, to manufacture, to grow). The individual behind the craft is subjugated to the act of making. For Watanabe, who de­-emphasizes himself often, the use of the word is pointed. He doesn’t appear for the customary bow at the end of his runway shows, presented four times a year in Paris. He rarely grants interviews, refuses to discuss his personal life and is reticent even to talk about his work..."

for the full feature head over to the NY Times.

source: NY Times

Thursday, October 06, 2016

visvim Zermatt Boots

visvim's Zermatt Boots are back for fall/ winter 2016. made from vegetable-tanned cow suede which was sourced in Sweden and equipped with the usual Goodyear welted Vibram sole these are available now for a mere ¥98,000.

pic source: visvim

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

50 years of the ‘Light Giant’

"Since it first appeared on the market in 1966, the Leica Noctilux-M has always been considered a masterpiece of optical engineering that brings photographers enormous creative freedom. It is the world’s fastest aspherical lens for 35 mm photography and, when shooting in low light, reveals fine details that are hardly perceptible to the naked eye.

Pictures made with a Noctilux-M are characterised by the unmistakable bokeh of the lens and a visual quality that verges on impressionism. It is a fascinating tool with which photographers from every corner of the world master visual and artistic challenges. The lens has been used by them to bring us fascinating stories from the darker and lighter sides of life. The character of images captured with the Noctilux remains unrivalled until today..."

for the full feature head over to Leica.

source: Leica