Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Junya Watanabe
One of Fashion’s Foremost Thinkers

"The fashion designer Junya Watanabe uses the word monozukuri a lot when discussing his work. “I think it’s very specific to Japanese culture,” says Watanabe’s American-­born assistant and longtime interpreter, Ikuko Ichihashi. “You could translate it to craftsmanship, but it’s more than that. It has more depth. It’s more about the design aspect, the aesthetics. How do you create something?”

The word “craftsmanship” references the person behind the craft. By contrast, “monozukuri” is formed from the words “mono” (thing) and “zukuri” (to make, to manufacture, to grow). The individual behind the craft is subjugated to the act of making. For Watanabe, who de­-emphasizes himself often, the use of the word is pointed. He doesn’t appear for the customary bow at the end of his runway shows, presented four times a year in Paris. He rarely grants interviews, refuses to discuss his personal life and is reticent even to talk about his work..."

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source: NY Times

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