Wednesday, March 01, 2017

interview with Eiichiro Homma of nanamica

"Founded in 2003, Japanese label nanamica straddles the line between form and function, taking cues from classic performance outerwear and iconic fashion houses alike. We speak to owner and head designer Eiichiro Homma about inspirations, where Nanamica came from and where it's going.

How did you get into the idea of making clothes?

My career started at Goldwin Inc., which is a sportswear company in Japan. That was back in 1982 and at first my role was in marketing. In the summer of 1983 Goldwin launched a marine sportswear business under the license of Helly Hansen and I was appointed as a Brand Director of Design. Thereafter I took care of developing technical outdoor and marine garments up until 2001.

Where did the name ‘nanamica’ come from?

Nanamica means 'houses of seven seas'. Since I love sailing and my partner Takashi also loves the beach, we had the intention to have a marine inspired name for our brand. 'Seven seas' sounds like 'round the world'. By this name, we would like to show our intention of communicating with people all around the world. In the beginning we wrote it in Chinese characters, then we converted it using the English alphabet as “nanamika”. Since the 'k' didn’t look right, we changed it to a 'c'..."

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source: GOODHOOD

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