Thursday, September 15, 2016

Leica Sofort

with the Photokina imminent, more and more news are published. in addition to the 10 years Leica Ginza M-P i posted on monday, there's another titanium M-P coming and now Leica announced their first instant camera, the Sofort (german for instant/ immediately). equipped with a Automatik-Hektor ƒ/12.7 60mm lens (34mm equivalent on 35mm film) and three focusing modes: macro / standard (60cm-3m) / infinity (3m-infinity). the camera will take Leica branded Instax Mini film (or its Fujifilm counterpart), which is available as monochrome or color film. the camera is coming in three colors (let's hope there will also be a black or silver version) and will charge your wallet with 300€ 280€, each film will cost 15€. for more informations click here.

pic source: Leica

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